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Organic Phosphate Fertilizer from Australia & Southeast Asia

Do you have…

  • Acid Soils?
  • Soils of high leaching potential?
  • Nutrient “Lock-up” issues?
  • Un-productive pastures and/or crops?
  • Sunday Soils?

…then FertAg 0-8-0 or FertAg Granular (“G”) 0-7-0 is the answer for long lasting, reliable plant and soil productivity.

FertAg provides an easy flowing plant-available fertilizer and soil mineralizer with useful micro nutrients. It is not water soluble and has reduced leaching and run-off. Available as a “sand” (FertAg 0-8-0) or in granular form (FertAg G 0-7-0).

Bring back your soil quality and unlock your soil’s potential with a fertilizer that remains in the soil while providing sustained plant-available nutrition.

Acid soluble, what does this mean?

FertAg is acid soluble not water soluble and remains in the top soil for sustained controlled release of plant-available nutrients. A soil that has a supply of free acid (hydrogen ions) is a suitable candidate for FertAg applications. The product will reduce acidity quickly and with successive applications.

The left photo below demonstrates the acid solubility of FertAg 0-8-0 in a 2% citric acid solution. Shown on the right is FertAg 0-8-0 in water, demonstrating its insolubility.

– How is Fertoz spread? –

FertAg is easily stored, is not water soluble and does not coagulate in bags. FertAg 0-8-0 can be spread through any spinner or agitator and is non-corrosive to metal and plastic. The granular pellet FertAg G 0-7-0 can also be spread through air seeders and suitable aircraft. FertAg is backed with qualified agronomic support & industry accreditations.

– Where do I buy FertAg? –

FertAg 0-8-0 and FertAg G 0-7-0 are available nationally through distribution stores. Please contact Fertoz Agriculture if you have any queries. The product is labeled to the latest industry standard and Fertcare requirements and a safety data sheet is available on request. Product is shipped to all major ports to reduce freight costs.

– What is the FertAg product? –

A member of the thermo-calcium magnesium phosphates that provide 95% plant-available nutrients when used in acid soils. It is manufactured at high temperature from naturally occurring minerals and because there is no chemical change it is suitable for use in both organic and conventional agriculture. Used widely in Asian, South American and European agriculture the product is applied to 31 million hectares globally, every year! Known in the industry as FMP it is a very efficient fertilizer as it is almost fully available and does not leach away like soluble fertilizers.

– How is the FertAg product different? –

Acid soils lock up many nutrients in soluble fertilizers. FertAg is acid soluble but not water soluble. It reduces soil acidity to release nutrients. It has the same neutralizing ability as ag lime. FertAg is specifically suited to acid soils (pH <6.5) and is easily stored and spread.

FertAg leaches up to 20 times less than soluble P after heavy rain and remains in the root zone feeding plants. The released silicates in FertAg hold water and nutrient and assist ‘freeing up’ tied up nutrients. Further silicates in FertAg exchange locked up nutrients from the soil releasing them to the crop/pasture. It has a sustained release of nutrients from a few hours to up to 12 months. It resists lock-up in aluminum and iron acid soils and can be used to great effect in high P sorption soils while reducing aluminium toxicities.

Insoluble in water yet fully available, FertAg greatly reduces unnecessary contamination of creeks, rivers and reef systems.

Key FertAg attributes

FertAg is a controlled release sustainable fertilizer that is plant-available and remains in the soil.

High efficiency nutrients 95% plant-available
Low leaching potential 90% less losses
Slow release Acid not water soluble
Soil conditioning Silicate content retains moisture
Lock-up resistance Resists iron and aluminium adsorption
Easy storage Store anywhere with access
Liming ability Kg for Kg, the same as ag lime
Highly available silicates Assists with plant nutrition, strength and pest damage
Animal metabolic issues Grass tetany and milk fever incidence is reduced
Pasture weed spectrum Improves over time
Make the change to FertAg and witness the clear sustained benefits in your pasture, crop and animal production!


Fertoz Agriculture Pty Ltd

Why should I use the FertAg product?

If you have acid soils and are seeing less and poorer pasture or crop growth after conventional fertilizing, chances are your acid soils are locking up many nutrients and there is little plant-available nutrient. If your pastures or crops do not cope well with dry periods or yields are not as good as they should be, then it is time for a change to FertAg; a longer lasting, plant-available nutrient supply, and a product that holds and acts as a water store near the soil roots. FertAg may be spread pre-plant or as a basal application in a crop, and side- or top-dressed in pasture at any time.

Typical FertAg 0-8-0 product analysis:

Element Content
Phosphorus (P) 8%
Calcium (Ca) 23%
Magnesium (Mg) 12%
Silicon (Si) 11%
Iron (Fe) 3%
Potassium (K) 0.2%
Sulphur (S) 0.2%
Cobalt (Co) 38 ppm
Copper (Cu) 10 ppm
Zinc (Zn) 7 ppm
Manganese (Mn) 0.4%
pH 8.3
Citrate solubility 95%
Cadmium (Cd) > 0.5mg Cd /kg P
Fluorine (F) 1.5g / kg P

What can I expect from the FertAg product?

Greater product efficiency from FertAg in long lasting plant nutrient availability with very low loss from leaching or runoff. Therefore, what you apply stays in the soil providing continuous availability of essential nutrients when plants most need it and without the tie-up processes that occur when soluble phosphate products are used. FertAg will hold moisture and minerals in the root zone so expect better plant growth and yields with a longer growth season.

FertAg reduces pasture weed spectrums, leading to improvements in soil nutrient balances.

– What rates should be used with the FertAg product? –

Rates will always depend on your soil test results, rainfall, pasture, crop requirements and soil type. As a guide in improved pastures in NNSW, rates from 150-200kg/ha have provided noticeable and sustained results in increased plant production. These rates have seen significant reductions in grass tetany and milk fever in cattle and sheep.

FertAg reduces incidence of grass tetany and milk fever in cattle and sheep.

– Will FertAg be readily available to crop or pasture? –

The product is acid soluble and starts to release nutrients within hours of application depending on moisture and soil pH and continues to work for up to 12 months after application. Soluble phosphate fertilizers become ineffective in acid soils generally within 2-3 months. Plant roots that come in contact with FertAg will not be burned. Roots will be able to access nutrients directly by using root exudates to digest the product.

FertAg continues to release nutrients for up to 12 months after application

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