Processing Operations

Sourcing and Extracting Phosphate Deposits

At Fertoz, we prioritize environmental values throughout the process of sourcing phosphate ore deposits.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our specialized mining practices that adhere to environmental policies and regulations. We take pride in our dedication to holistic, eco-friendly, regenerative, sustainable, and organic farming and mining practices.

Our mining activities involve surface excavation over a small area, ensuring minimal soil and ground disturbance and quick reclamation. To restore the land to its near original condition, we diligently undertake reclamation efforts including backfilling, re-contouring drainages, and planting local plant species as recommended by qualified experts. Prior to any disturbances, we conduct exhaustive baseline studies on water quality, ground water, wildlife, and soils. Additionally, we monitor the effects of our work after the completion of each project. At Fertoz, we actively engage in extensive consultation and collaboration with local First Nations communities.

Processing Operations

Environment, efficiency, and economics are the fundamental principles of our processing operations.

The raw material from our mining sites is trucked to local crushing and screening facilities where it is processed into a fine product, typically a 30 mesh (0.595 mm.) This crushed rock phosphate product exhibits exceptional purity and quality, meeting the rigorous organic regulations set forth by the National Organic Program (NOP) and the Canadian Organic Standards (COR) in various regions, including Canada, Oregon, Washington, and California. Consequently, we are able to supply these deposits to agricultural regions in Northwestern United States.

Our crushing, screening, and granulation processes employ mechanical methods approved for organic production. While traditional chemical processing involved in synthetic phosphate fertilizers results in waste in the form of phosphogypsum stacks, Fertoz phosphate production avoids generating any production waste. 100% of what is mined is used. These phoshogypsum stacks from traditional processing pose challenges in disposal and contribute to soil and groundwater contamination, as well as air pollution due to the movement of waste and radionuclides. Fertoz leaves no trace of processing.

Fertoz offers Rock Phosphate in both powdered and granular forms, catering to various application types. We can provide specialized product blends that optimize phosphorus availability across diverse soil types and regions and have strategically positioned our operational facilities in key agricultural centers to support local farmers and reduce emissions associated with transportation. Our products can be conveniently delivered in bulk or packaged, with logistics arrangements, including truck and rail freight, and cross-border transactions, efficiently managed by Fertoz.

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