Regenerative fertilizer inputs and premium carbon offsets

Fertoz mines, manufactures and delivers regenerative and organic fertilizer products across North America, sourcing from its own high quality rock phosphate mines located locally. In conjunction, we provide premium carbon credits developed from nature-based projects developed globally.

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Our focus on soil health and sustainable business practices led to the development of our premium carbon credits division.


Sustainable land management company Fertoz Ltd (ASX: FTZ) was founded in 2012 following the acquisition of high-grade, organically certified rock phosphate within Canada. We secured marketing agreements to provide rock phosphate from USA, and Mexico to ensure consistent supply of high-grade product to the agricultural community throughout North America, regardless of the macroeconomics occurring globally in the fertilizer world. Our products are locally made for our growers.

We aim to develop regenerative and organic fertilizer products based on our customers’ needs and the rapidly increasing demand on soil health improvements globally. We believe in developing beneficial products with transparency that delivers on customer’s expectations when it comes to crop, soil and financial health.

Our focus on soil health and sustainable business practices led to the development of our premium carbon credits division, advancing carbon capture through improved agricultural practices such as ‘no till’ as well as reforestation of degraded land. The benefits these practices provide to society drive us to encourage and promote these necessary changes in addressing climate change and a more sustainable life.


Why Use Fertoz Rock Phosphate?


Locally sourced and manufactured across North America

  • Cost effective
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable supply supporting local communities

Organically certified and environmentally sound

  • For use in organic, regenerative, and conventional farming
  • 95% use efficiency use of rock phosphate as a natural resource compared with synthetic phosphates

High quality minerals

  • High phosphorus analysis, over 20% total P2O5
  • Calcium and Silica to improve crop health, moisture stress and plant defense against pests and disease
  • Extended availability provides consistent supply over entire crop cycle

Improved soil tilth and health

  • Enhanced microbial health and populations for feeding plants more effectively
  • Significantly reduced leaching due to extended release of nutrients
  • Free of soil damaging salts

North American Projects.


Fertoz owns 100% of two rock phosphate mining projects, being Wapiti and Fernie, located in British Columbia, Canada.


Fertoz continues to support mining and production of sedimentary rock phosphate from Deerlodge, Montana.


Fertoz also holds a current agreement for the marketing of Mexico sourced rock phosphate in North America.


Nature based carbon credit solutions.

Working with nature to develop the highest quality carbon credit projects globally that provide both critical environmental and social benefits today and for our future.

Carbon Services

Rethinking agriculture in the context of sustainability and global climate change.

Fertoz strives to improve the health of our soils and its ability to sequester carbon through adoption of sustainable, carbon neutral, and environmentally friendly practices that ensure long term soil fertility, promote soil bio-diversity, enhance crop production, and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainability Ethos


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